Q: Are Cafélitt sessions always in Persian?

A: Not necessarily but they are usually in Persian

Q: Shall I pay an annual fee to be a member of Cafélitt

A: No, Cafélitt is free and doesn’t require any registration

Q: Shall I have an academic degree if I wish to make a presentation about a subject?

A: No, You can present any subjet you are interested in as far as you have studied it enough to make a short but accurate and structured speech about it, long enough to open the discussion around the subject.

Q: Cafélitt isn’t boring?

A: Generally not but sometimes Yes. To be honest depending on the quality of the presentation, timeline and the quality of the discussion between members it could be very exciting or boring. Each program is different from another and we have each week a different presenter. We do our best to make the programs exciting.

Q: Is there any age limitation to participate to Cafélitt?

A: No.

Q: What is the average age of members?

A: The youngest are around 20 and the oldest around 80. But most of members are around 30-35.